August 13, 2013

rural america

Somewhere in Arkansas we came upon this home.  It's seen better days.  I can only think as I looked at this place that it was someones dream home at one time.  I'm sure there is a "new" family living here now, as you can tell how well kept the yard is, and there's a bike and a clothes line.


  1. Oh dear it is a bit sad to see it so run down. when I first sa it, I thought, 'This is the house that Jack built'!

  2. Oh I just love it! It reminds me of
    a house out of The Waltons episodes
    if you are familiar with much the picket fence and the little overhang for the car and the driveway with it's
    dirt rows for the tires of the car...
    a 'real' country home..a little fixing of the roof and some paint and a garden and it would really be true country living!

  3. If only houses could talk! I really wish that so often....

  4. It is a beautiful old house....and chippy paint is in....??:)

  5. It's sad, but it's also beautiful in it's worn, chippy state. I would love to have seen it in it's heyday!