September 21, 2013

corn stacks

Driving though Amish country, we had an Amish wagon pull out in front of us.  It's a good thing we were sight seeing and going slow.  You can't see her but an Amish woman was driving the team.

September 19, 2013

having lunch

It was a dreary rainy day when I passed this herd having lunch.

September 11, 2013


Around here we pretty much find these along the sides of the road in the ditches or growing right along the fence lines.

September 10, 2013

weathered barns

I spied these barns tucked along side of the hills on our way to Madison last Sunday.  They're still in great shape and I noticed the barn over on the far right where the corn seems to be hiding it.  They all seem to be pretty weathered but still in good shape.

Linking with Barn Charm.

September 07, 2013

the farmer

I think this farmer is probably in his 90's and he still farms.

September 04, 2013

one room school house

Still in good shape, but showing some neglect.  I sure hope this old schoolhouse doesn't get left to neglect.